And we are off.

On the media side of things

  • Bugsy Mallone with the kids
  • And, not unrelated due to the Jodie Foster being in it (and in Bugsy Malone) and Dee remembering someone had mentioned it was good, True Detective season 4.
  • Finished Unruly by David Mitchell about the kings and queens of England. A lot more of this country makes sense after reading it. Would highly recommend.
  • Started Germania by Simon Winder to learn the similar sorts of things about Germany.

Life side of things

  • 40th birthday. Spent in various places, and at times with all the best people. Including the Love Inn in the Stokes Croft.
  • Given the recent ITV drama about the Post Office Horizon scandal and the associated public interest, I off dusted a talk I had given a couple of the years ago at South West Ruby meetup, made it suitable for general tech-literate audience, and gave it as a lunch-and-learn talk at work. The title two years ago was Lessons for developers from the Post Office Horizon Scandal and I spent a lot of the talk pointing at diagrams explaining the ACID principles and then relating these to the failures of the Horizon system. As content goes, it was quite dry but it was also the main thrust of the talk so I jazzed that section up by building a demo version of Horizon with various ways of simulating the failures. It went down well and Adam Butler suggested I should submit it as a talk to Brighton Ruby conference. I will do this as it fits very nicely with this years yearly theme.