Culture, media, and sport

  • I went to see Stewart Lee at the Bath Forum. The last time I’d been to see him was 2013 in a small gig in Islington where instead of appearing as the usual belligerent character of Stewart Lee, he appeared as Baconface, a Canadian wrestler-turned stand-up comic from Chilliwack, British Columbia. At least I think he was a former wrestler. It was Stewart Lee dressed in a wrestling mask with bacon all over it. It was strange and not very good. He was very good when I’d seen him in 2012 and Saurday’s gig was more like that but with higher energy. It had almost Live at Apollo energy.
  • I continued reading Germania by Simon Winder. It is still interesting but it’s not as gracefully written as I’d hoped. Paragraphs seem to peter out and it’s easy to lose the thread about what he’s talking about. I’ll continue despite this but will need to start something to read in parallel.
  • We went to the allotment and discovered Bristol council have restocked the wood chip pile with chopped up Christmas trees in case you were wondering what they do with all the Christmas trees collected in January.
  • The chap got a new helmet and did skateboarding practice.


  • I did not order an Apple Vision Pro.
  • I did spin up a new server and ran an ansible setup against it that I had setup a while ago and pretty much just worked. It was magical; restricting root access, stop password ssh access, install vim, git, among many other things. All I did was bump some version numbers.